Soludoc is a multidisciplinary resource agency that specializes in the translation and adaptation of documents in different languages. It provides a wide range of value-added professional services, from the writing and editing of original material to termino-logical management and electronic publishing. Soludoc is especially structured so as to offer you complete and innovative linguistic solutions backed up by a world-class service.

Deeply aware of the need for efficiency in today's competitive environment, we have developed a software platform that integrates a broad range of tools used in drafting, translating and editing documents. Our proprietary applications optimize the output of these various tools and ensure the seamless streamlining of the translation process, from file conversion and formatting to the systematic proofing of typographical and linguistic standards. Uniformity and quality control are simply of utmost importance to us.

Along with its technological know-how and its mastery of networking and on-site team management, Soludoc currently employs over fifty highly qualified translators, terminologists, writers and editors supervised by project managers determined to offer you timely and personalized services. You are thereby free to concentrate on the essential, that is contents, while knowing that your projects are being carried out in accordance with your requirements and expectations.

Soludoc... document processing solutions tailored to your needs.