Language services

Through the expertise of a seasoned multi-disciplinary team, Soludoc caters to the various language needs of international organizations, governments, as well as large and small businesses:

  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Adaptation
  • Terminology research and management

With an ongoing focus on professionalism and customer satisfaction, Soludoc is meeting the new challenges of the market through custom research, consultation and, as needed, innovation. Every mandate it receives undergoes strict quality control to ensure the accuracy and uniformity of terminology, as well as compliance with typographical, spelling, syntax and grammar standards.

Soludoc's team of ingenious and creative experts convey your corporate and advertising messages so that they reach their target audience in a meaningful way by leveraging your strengths at every step in the process.

Since we consider each client to be a cherished partner, all projects are treated both personally and confidentially. Right from the start, we strive to establish a climate of trust and open communication in order to clarify every aspect of any given project, after which we set everything in motion based on strict adherence to your guidelines.

We are proud of what we do, of our highly qualified manpower and of the integrated technological approach we have developed, and we put it all to work to ensure that your experience with Soludoc will be a rewarding one, both on the human and professional level.

Soludoc... quality and satisfaction garanteed